• Expert Panel Discusses the Future of Social Customer Engagement

    On October 26, 2016, we hosted our final Hootsuite Social Breakfast of the year in the heart of London, England. Once more, we invited social media leaders, influencers, marketers, and practitioners to the Ham Yard Hotel near Piccadilly Circus to network and share their knowledge of what’s new and exciting in the world of social media.

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  • The Importance of Relaxation When Starting a New Company

    If there is one trait common to at least 99.99% of all entrepreneurs who are starting a new company, it is being unable to sit back and relax. Unfortunately, the challenge of resting well might be one of the worst obstacles to success that you might ever face. If you want to succeed, you need – really need – to learn to relax.

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  • Ultimate Blog Discussion Part 1: Evaluating and Reaching Your Goals

    We all want to get ahead, right? Or maybe we simply want to reach our dreams? Whatever your goal in life is, somehow you have found yourself thinking about blogging. Am I right? Great, then you have come to the right place for a two-part “Ultimate Blog Discussion.” Whether your goal is to start a blog for the first time, enhance your blog and make some money, or get some hel ...

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  • 5 Journalistic Standards That Don’t Always Apply to Content Marketing

    At the end of a long interview for a story about people looking to change careers, my source said the dreaded words: “Please don’t use my real name.” He didn’t want people to know he was getting out of the field, so I panicked at first. There’s no way I could use an anonymous source. Then I remembered I wasn’t writing for a news outlet. This was branded content. I breathed a sigh of relief.

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  • What Can We Learn From the Top 30 Brands on Facebook? (Report)

    It’s important to pay close attention to the tactics employed by industry leaders; they provide general insights for your strategy. Within social media marketing, the industry leaders to pay attention to are the big brands that are attracting massive fan bases. A report from social media analytics and bookmarking platform Quintly examined the 30 biggest brands on Facebook fo ...

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  • How to solve a content marketing conundrum

    New research on the habits and successes of B2C marketers using content marketing in North America reveals a strong commitment to the discipline. It also shows most content marketers are struggling with the same issue: having enough time to create consistent, high-quality content. Last week the B2C Content Marketing 2017: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America by Conten ...

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  • Social Attribution: Because Web Analytics Is the Wrong Tool for the Job

    Before I start, you should know this story starts out sounding like a brag, but stick with me: justice is served. Every year since 1973, Bellingham Washington holds the Ski to Sea race on Memorial Day weekend. Hundreds of teams and thousands of participants race from the glacier on Mt. Baker to the frigid waters of Puget Sound.

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  • This is Time We Out-grow Comment Spamming

    This is Time We Out-grow Comment Spamming Starting from news sites to all marketing spaces, all site owners are happy to do away with the tiny little space for comment that is often filled with the most grotesque and irrelevant write-ups or links. The unprovoked thin comments or pushed links can be put with good intentions, but they surely do not add any value to the discussion thread.

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  • Meet the new Google Home app (previously the Google Cast app)

    If you’ve opened the Google Cast app recently, you might have noticed we’ve been hinting at some exciting changes. With the recent announcement of Google Home, our new voice-activated speaker, we are renaming the Google Cast app to the Google Home app. So you now have a one-stop destination to manage your compatible home devices.

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  • Understanding Google’s AMP, a Year Later

    Google released AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages, in 2015 to help speed up websites for mobile users and create a faster and improved overall mobile search experience. A year later and several businesses still have no idea what AMP is and why they need it for their mobile websites. The big boys like Ebay, Reddit, and Buzzfeed have all jumped on the AMP train optimizing millions o ...

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