Google's Matt Cutts: We've Been Discussing The MetaFilter Google Penalty

by Barry Schwartz

Google Says No Update, EU's Right To Be Forgotten, Bing On Links & More - Google says that there is no update going on even though a lot of things have been going on. Google is now forced to remove personal information from the search results based on an European Court ruling. Bing says unnatural links are links you know you will get in advance and Matt Cutts of Google enjoyed that definition. Bing and Google feel differently about the immediate future of the value of links. Google had an interesting comment on manual actions you need to see. Google says short content is not bad. Google gave their official advice on how to handle international users for home pages. Google's Matt Cutts shares his regrets on web spam. Google Maps adds quick facts to local results. Google updated the Google Places bulk dashboard with social and access rights features. Yahoo switched their search referrer to a different one. Google AdSense has a new ad format named Magazine Ads. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google: Nothing To See Here, No Update Going On... : Google's Update From Last Week Reversing Itself? : European Court Requires Google To Delete Personal Info: Reputation Management Just Got Easier : Bing: Unnatural Links = Advanced Knowledge Of Links : Matt Cutts Likes Duane Forrester's Example Of Good Links: Unknown Links : Bing: Link Spam Killing Links & Google: Links Still Matter : Google: If Content Isn't Changed, Manual Actions Won't Be Removed : Google: Short Content Is Not Low Quality Content : Google's Official Advice On Home Page Handling For International Users : Google's Matt Cutts Looks Back & Shares His Webspam Regrets... : Google Maps Location Based Quick Facts: Knowledge Graph In Maps : Google Updates Google Places Adds Manager Access & Social Features : Yahoo Switches To SSL & Referers Increase : Google AdSense Magazine Ads :

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