FBpostMagic Review

In this FB Post Magic review I will explain to you have this excellent tool allows you to generate contacts directly from FaceBook newsfeed. I almost couldn’t believe it with my own eyes. Honestly… I actually had NO IDEA this was even possible but these guys have FIGURED IT OUT and it’s simply “Magical!” If you are marketing anything, you should do it where people eyeballs are.Read the full article

FBpostMagic - Generate Leads Directly From FB newsfeed

http://yourviralfortune.com/pm - I almost couldn't believe it with my own eyes. Honestly... I actually had NO IDEA this was even possible but these guys have FIGURED IT OUT and it's simply "Magical!". The guys behind this product Jeff Long and Kimball Roundy have found a way to do something pretty crazy and incredible. Basically it is a new revolutionary technology that allows you to put a mini-squeeze page right into your Facebook feed! If you understand - The value of having a lead - Branding your self with video - Leveraging Facebook Anyone that is doing any kind of marketing should take a serious look at this new technology. You don't need a website, you don't need autoresponders, with just a few clicks of a button you can turn any youtube video into a viral source of leads into your business. This fantastic program will put your marketing on Facebook on steroids ... it allows you to turn your Facebook posts in capture page and thus generate dozens of contacts in a simple, practical and fun A nice feature that they have is "delayed events", which delays the appearance of the actual capture form until a specific time in the video of your choice. It is extremely simple and there is a free version that you can use. For serious people personally use and recommend the paid version which costs only U.S. $ 27 / month, as this has even more powerful features than the free version. FBpostMagic integrate which all the major autoresponders services, including aweber, getresposnse, iContact, gvo, etc.