What SMB’s Need to Know About Google

Google has changed a ton in the last 4-5 years. There are so many different variations of Google’s SERPs (search engine ranking pages) today. I think last count was over 86 and I expect that number to only grow more and more in the future. Now with the latest Hummingbird updates + personalize search + machine learning, we are going to get so many different variations of ...Read the full article

Thoughts on all the different SERPs in Google

It's crazy all the different SERPs today! Learn what SMB's need to know and think about as Google shifts from a search engine to an intelligent learning machine. We are heading into a different era and it's going to require different ways to market then it did in the past to get coverage and exposure of your business in Google.

Personalized Search

Google can personalize your search results making them more useful and relevant. In this short video we discuss how we personalize your search results and how to turn personalization on or off based on your preference.