The Writer’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Does Your Elevator Pitch Stand Out? (Issue #30)

by Kimberley Grabas
This post is part of a weekly series on YWP, aptly titled “The Writer’s Weekly Wrap-Up”. Each Sunday, I will endeavour to provide you with a curated list of the best articles I have seen throughout the week that relate to building your platform. The featured articles cover topics on book marketing and promotion, blogging, social media and self-publishing.Read the full article

The Meaning of Life: How Brené Brown, Seth Godin and 27 Other Change-Makers Define a "Good Life"

See more inspirational videos ► What is the meaning of life? We asked Brené Brown, Seth Godin and 27 other successful entrepreneurs, artists and world-changers to define "good life". What might your typical day be when living a good life? What determines how to be happy and fulfilled in your life? Where does your bigger purpose in life fit in? Understanding this for yourself is a huge key to your personal development and self-improvement, but you can never go wrong drawing inspiration from others and hearing different perspectives. In the quest for the meaning of life and how to live your life to the fullest, Good Life Project® founder, Jonathan Fields asked these 29 successful people from many different walks of life, and their answers may change your life: Seth Godin Brené Brown Kris Carr Marie Forleo Leo Babauta Danielle LaPorte Lissa Rankin Lisa Congdon Lewis Howes Brad Feld Scott Dinsmore Patricia Moreno Karen Salmansohn Kate Northrup Jerry Colonna Vani Hari Michael Port Rhonda Britten Mitch Joel Erika Napoletano Tami Simon Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche A.J. Leon Helene Godin Vernon Bush Erin Weed Wokie Nwabueze Dank Pink Emiliya Zhivotovskaya So what is your answer on how to be happy and live a good life? What is the meaning of life for you? Where do you draw your inspiration and motivation from? Feel free to share your answer in the comments below or on Facebook ( and continue the discussion!