Should I use those annoying popups?

by Derek Halpern
The answer is YES! And I tell you why in my new video. Share on FacebookTwitter But here’s the deal: I know I’m going to get flack for this. People are going to say things like: “I never read websites with popups.” “Derek, I hate your popup and I thought about unsubscribing” And maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll get the “Tech-I-Hate-Marketing” people to flood my comments wit ...Read the full article

"Should I use those annoying popups?"

When it comes to opt-in forms, everyone always hates on the pop-up. Well, I think that if you're not using a pop-up, you're an idiot. Pop-ups WILL contribute significantly to your email list and help you grow your business. In this video, I reveal SEVERAL reasons for why you should ignore pop-up haters and set that pop-up up today. After you've watched this video, let me know how you feel about pop-ups by leaving a comment here: If you're looking for more videos on marketing, psychology, entrepreneurship, and more, then subscribe to my YouTube channel right here: To get even MORE great free content, exclusive tips, and updates I don't share with just anyone, then be sure to sign up for the Social Triggers mailing list here: