Here Are My Top Tips For Building An Influential Network

by Derek Halpern
Networking is a dirty word, but as most people will tell you, it’s rarely “what you know, it’s who you know.” So if you’re looking to build an influential network, here’s what you need to know: Thing #1 To build that network, you’ll need to know how to make introductions between your friends and colleagues the right way. (The people who introduce get introduced).Read the full article

How to Make Introductions The Right Way

Introducing two people who you think will mutually benefit each other is a great thing to do. The problem with introductions is that, if they're not done right, they can be detrimental to the two people you're introducing, yourself, and your business. In this video, I explain why introducing two people isn't something that should be taken lightly and how you can make introductions the right way. After you watch the video, let me know about a time you either gave or received a bad introduction. Let me know what happened and what could have been done differently by leaving a comment here: Also, if you want to watch more videos about persuasion, marketing, and business, subscribe to my YouTube channel right here: And if you want to get even MORE great free content (just like this), make sure you sign up for the Social Triggers mailing list. That's where I share exclusive tips that I never reveal publicly or on YouTube. Sign up here: