How to Add Value with Every Action on Google Plus | #70 Content Warfare TV

by Ryan Hanley
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Beginner's Guide to Building Your Platform on Google Plus | Content Warfare TV

Building Your Platform Inside Google's "Social Layer" Google Plus is a different kind of social network. If you've spent any time on Google Plus, _(and I'm sure most of you reading this have)_, then you're keenly aware of the demands Google Plus puts on you as a community member. We can't hashtag or ad buy our way to a valuable audience on Google Plus. That's why I asked +Stephan Hovnanian and +Christine DeGraff to join us on Content Warfare TV to explain the basics of building a platform. Both Stephan and Christine do things, what I would consider, to be the RIGHT WAY and I promise we're all going to learn some fantastic lessons, strategies and techniques for growing our audience. Learn more from our guests: Stephan Hovnanian: Christine DeGraff: ========== If you're not going to be able to make the live event and still don't want to miss what might possibly be the BEST Google Hangout in the History of the World... _I encourage you subscribe in your preferred location:_ Youtube Subscribe link: iTunes subscribe link: Stitcher subscribe link: