The Perfect Testimonial (use this to boost your sales conversions today)

by Derek Halpern
If you’re selling online, you NEED testimonials. (I personally can draw a direct line between customer testimonials and hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue). But there’s a problem: Most people feature HORRIBLE testimonials… …and they’re leaving a tremendous amount of revenue on the table. Revenue they RIGHTFULLY DESERVE. Luckily it’s easy to fix.Read the full article

The Perfect Testimonial: Use It To Boost Your Conversions Today

Customer testimonials have the power to convert the most on-the-fence browsers into buyers. But most people feature HORRIBLE testimonials. In this video, I break down my Perfect Testimonial Framework into 3 easy steps so you can start featuring perfect testimonials today. Not sure how to reach out to customers to get that perfect testimonial? No problem! I give you some tips on how to do that, too. After you watch the video, let me know your biggest insight about testimonials and selling by leaving a comment here: Also, if you want to watch more videos about persuasion, marketing, and business, subscribe to my YouTube channel right here: And if you want to get even MORE great free content (just like this), make sure you sign up for the Social Triggers mailing list. That's where I share exclusive tips that I never reveal publicly or on YouTube. Sign up here: