Charity Thursday – Help Syrian refugees

It’s been a while since I did this but I went for an ice-cream today and seeing a donation box reminded me to get this running again! This week I am donating to something closer to my heart, something the world ignores a lot… SYRIA. The campaign I am choosing to donate to and encouraging you all to support is surrey to Syria.Read the full article

Syrian Refugees Support - Surrey to Syria - Freedom Factory Foundation

Donate today to support clothing thousands of Syrian refugees We are the Freedom Factory Foundation! We are a Canadian foundation that supports factories that are socially compliant, respectful of their employees and give back dignity and value to them. Our network of associates focus on choosing these companies with the intention of making sure we are giving back to society in every step of the process, from the manufacturing of garments to the point of sale. In our effort to generate value and give back to society, we took note of the Syrian situation and identified the opportunity to help even further by sending them garments during this winter. This is just the beginning of a new venture to help those in need, around the world.