Font Facelifts, Super Saunas and Humming Along : Making Waves #11

by Lyndsay Peters
Online Marketing Blog by KAYAK Here's what's making waves at KAYAK this week. The biggest online news this week is the critical SSL exploit, Heartbleed. Take care of your online security by changing your passwords. And, in a couple weeks, you might want to change them again. LastPass has a tool that will allow you to test whether a website has reissued its certificates or not.Read the full article

Hyperthermic Conditioning for Hypertrophy, Endurance, and Neurogenesis

omega-3 free report: Dr. Rhonda Patrick discusses how conditioning the body to heat stress through sauna use, called "hyperthermic conditioning" causes adaptations that increase athletic endurance (by increasing plasma volume and blood flow to heart and muscles) and muscle mass (by boosting levels of heat shock proteins and growth hormone). She also discusses the profound effects of hyperthermic conditioning on the brain including cognitive function. bibliography/article: itunes: newsletter: facebook: twitter: support the podcast:

  • The Infamous Atari Landfill Dig Is Finally Happening - 6 readers - Come April 26, 2014, one of gaming's greatest mysteries will finally be solved. Or maybe it will just be get even more convoluted and confusing. In either case, that is the official date Microsoft just announced for when someone is finally going to break ground on the infamous New Mexico landfill that's allegedly overflowing with discarded copie...