Learning From Failure: Get Your Joint Kindle eBook Now ~ Free Thru 4/14/14

by Gail Gardner
Rather than telling you about our new eBook just published on Kindle reader, I’ll let this review by Daisy S, Top 10 Reviewer on Amazon speak for itself: You can get a free copy between 4/11/14 and 4/14/14 (possibly through 4/15/14 – but that isn’t guaranteed). After that this ebook written by 11 authors with life experiences to share will be only $0.99.Read the full article

Learning From Failure

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JL2O9LY Discover 11 Sure Fire Ways to Turn Your Worst Failure Into Your Biggest Success Have You Ever Made A Mistake? One of those mistakes where you feel like you are a failure, and life is over? Well you are not alone. Even more importantly, chances are you probably learned some valuable lessons from that failure. While you probably do not want to repeat the experience, you probably want to learn additional life lessons from the doldrums of failure.That is why we created Learning From Failure. In this Kindle eBook, you will hear 11 different stories from entrepreneurs who have been down in the dumps and bounced back using the lessons they learned. Stop making mistakes of your own, learn from our failures instead. Discover 11 sure-fire ways to turn your worst failure into your biggest success. Also, you might want to specifically bookmark the chapter on: "Staying Focused and Avoiding Shiny Object Syndrome". Not to brag, but that was the chapter I wrote. This is my first book on Kindle, and I am so proud to be able to share my story with so many other great entrepreneurs who helped create this book. The eBook is now available on your Kindle. Go to Amazon and download your copy today of Learning From Failure: http://startupgap.com/learningfromfailure