Is Distraction Threatening Your Site’s Progress? Here’s Help!

by Lisa Irby
If getting distracted were a crime, I’d be doing major time! No lie. It has really affected my productivity in the last year. Can you relate? How many times have you gone online to do something and ended up doing everything BUT that task because you got distracted by some email, notification, etc? I’m not really a huge social media user, so that’s not a big source of distraction for me.Read the full article

Relationship Marketing- The Pretend Friends of Social Media

Relationship Marketing- The Pretend Friends of Social Media I would love to point you toward some of my favorite social media tools, the first being a Google Plus tool called +NOD3x get a tour here: The second being +PicMonkey where you can get a free month of Royale here! I hope you join myself(+Wade Harman) and my guest host +Mark Traphagen as we talk to social media superstar +Jay Baer on the topic of one of his articles that he wrote on the convince and convert blog called _Social Media, Pretend Friends, and the Lie of False Intimacy_ Do you really *Know* the people around you in social media? This is going to be a great discussion on what I'll quote from Jay's article _spending considerable time building large networks of shallow connections, potentially at the expense of deepening a few cherished friendships upon which we can truly rely?_ How are you building your relationships on social? Join us this Friday! Get Jay Baer's new book *YouTility* from Amazon now Would love to have you come join us over in the *Relationship Marketing Community* Don't forget to circle for more info on building relationships here on Google Plus! *Jay Baer & Where You Can Find Him* Read his blog at Twitter: