Social Media Etiquette Faux Pas #FAIL

by Gail Gardner
What if you do something “wrong” on social media? Don’t worry. Although some seem to believe there are ‘rules’ that everyone follows that isn’t really true. Even the experts can’t agree on something as simple as frequency. In an appearance on the Today show, Digital Lifestyle Expert Mario Armstrong believes in posting freely while Social Media Etiquette Expert Faye De Muyshond ...Read the full article

Social Media Etiquette

Here are a few Social Media do's and don'ts when using technology to keep you and others safe and have fun. This is a video resource we use in Values for Life seminars. We provide student seminars and resources that are educational and entertaining on topics such as cyber-bullying, resilience, leadership, identity, drugs education and much more. We aim to enable young people to develop community building values, make wise choices and fulfil their potential. To find out more go to:

Social Network Etiquette

Just because the internet renders you virtually anonymous does not mean social customs should be ignored. Just like in the outside world, there is etiquette that should be obeyed if you want to be treated as a friend rather than an annoyance online.