Audience Friendly Branding – What Your Businesses Needs To Know

by Graeme Benge
When is a fruit not a fruit? It struck me when sticking a hashtag on a tweet the other day – to some an Apple is a fruit second, and a gadget brand first. This is what great branding is all about! By leveraging your audience, you can create your own brand. Here’s what your business needs to know. To a certain growing ilk of people, there is a virtual electronic fruit bowl vyin ...Read the full article

Taylor Guitars Responds to "United Breaks Guitars"

SUBSCRIBE to check out MORE Taylor Guitars at the Taylor Guitars channel page and subscribe at Bob Taylor lends his support to Dave Carroll and guitar players everywhere. Taylor has had an artist relationship with Dave for several years now. In 2006, our owners magazine, Wood&Steel, reviewed Daves CD, Sunday Morning. As weve had an ongoing relationship, we have made the offer to replace and/or further repair his damaged 710ce. As a Taylor artist, weve offered Dave our support, a choice of a new guitar and to re-repair the damaged 710ce. Dave and his bandmate Julian made the trip to the Taylor factory in July and have met many of our staff. Well also be running a story on Daves experiences in the fall issue of Wood&Steel.