VIDEO + SLIDESHOW: The Display Ad Of The Future

Digital Marketing Summit at SMX - Tim Mayer of Trueffect

"The Display Ad Of The Future: It's All About You" by Tim Mayer - Chief Marketing Officer, Trueffect What does the future of online display advertising look like? A landscape very different than today's, and one that disrupts current advertiser practices and beliefs. Ads will evolve from interruptions in other activities to voluntary views that users seek out. Ads will be more interactive, and beautiful. Ads will be connected across devices and time, and thanks to better retargeting will be more useful to your personal life. And measurement of ads will be much more complex and accurate, allowing advertisers to even more precisely tune messages to individuals -- at scale. Learn how to prepare for this exciting new world of display ads like you've never seen. From the Marketing Land Digital Marketing Summit at SMX West 2014. For more information:

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