Going Deeper with SEO, Rich Snippets, and the Rel=Author Tag

by Randy Milanovic
Online Marketing Blog by KAYAK A couple weeks back, I had the good fortune to co-host a luncheon with SEO superstar Tracey Nero (Woods), a former in-house search expert at MSN Microsoft. During the 90-minute workshop, we took a closer look at why rich snippets are so important to search and how content creators can use them to get more from every blog post and article they create.Read the full article

Rich Snippets for SEO Prairie HUG Lunch and Learn

We've brought in Tracey Nero (Woods) to teach some of our Prairie Hubspot User Group members about rich snippets for SEO. Rich Snippets Workshop with Tracey Nero (Woods), formerly of MSN Microsoft's internal SEO team. In this presentation, participants learned about rich snippets for authors, publishers and contributors -- complete with how to integrate them into their business website for maximum effect. If you are an SEO, Blogger or Marketer who'd like to stand out more in Google and Bing search engine results, check this out. Presented by HubSpot User Group (HUG Canadian Prairies) and Calgary's own +Kayak Online Marketing this session outlines what you need to know about one of the most exciting search optimization strategies out there today.