How to Hit it Big with the Right Idea at the Right Time

by Isla Mcketta
Posted by Isla_McKetta As copywriters and designers, we all know we’re supposed to Steal Like an Artist. Austin Kleon said so. Picasso said something similar with his “Good artists copy, but great artists steal” line. It makes sense, since there’s “nothing new under the sun.” But how do we know we’re stealing well-timed ideas? Anyone can spot a good idea.Read the full article

dunlop volleys ad - pachelbel's canon in d

my name is gerry (jerry) phillips and i have been playing songs on my hands for 38 years! recently i went to australia and made some commercials for dunlop volleys shoes. a special thanks to kristian, gavin and the staff at marilyn and sons and to dunlop for the opportunity of a lifetime! (more) (less)

the big beer ad

a very odd ad about beer