Winning at Local Search with Dave Rodecker

by Mark Traphagen
Local Search: What used to be fairly simple has become complicated. On a recent Digital Marketing Excellence Show, Eric Enge interviewed Dave Rodecker, owner of Local Splash. Local Splash is “a business information management and publishing service that provides PR like technology in syndicating rich, structured content to social networks, online local destinations and powering ...Read the full article

How would you run your own online marketing company?

Daniel from Thailand asks: "Hi Matt! If you would open your own Digital Marketing/SEM/SEO company, what would you do different from the other thousand companies out there?" This video is part of a "Grab Bag" series in which Matt Cutts, head of Google's webspam team, answers questions from webmasters. We're not currently taking new video questions, so your best bet for getting an answer about webmaster-related search issues is to head to our help forum:

Winning the Local Search Game

Looking to master local search? Join Dave Rodecker of Local Splash and Eric Enge detail what you need to succeed in this arena. This video goes from the basics to the advanced. Here is a complete set of time stamps courtesy of Debi Davis! 0:00 Eric Enge introduces Dave Rodecker of Relevant Ads 0:52 Fundamentals of local search today 01:28 How things have changed since 2006 02:45 How to recognize a local result versus a regular search result 04:53 Explicit vs. implicit search queries 5:46 The implications of mobile search 07:52 Getting started with Google Places; the verification process 08:01 Dave - Business owners can claim their listing, here's how 09:09 How problems with verification arise and the challenges they represent 12:57 The role of core data providers (companies that aggregate core data on businesses - e.g., Name, Address, Phone) 13:44 How Google handles multiple listings, discrepancies, etc. 14:39 Creating complete business indexes and listings. 16:03 Verification challenges; Quality Control 17:44 "Beyond traditional SEO factors, what else will best help us rank higher on local?" 17:52 Data mess - ranking factor is what you can do to clean up 18:02 Dave N A P Name, Address, Phone number - basic data that you can provide consistently across all citations 18:40 There are services to help you set up your N A P 18:58 Audit - to see how wide cast your business data is - correct and incorrect 19:19 Ranking and SEO factors - Page Rank, Place Rank 20:50 Advice to review your current listing. There's a new dashboard - categories, descriptor, images 21:12 How inconsistent information can hurt your ranking factor. 24:33 Citations for your local business 27:00 Other metrics - Alexa and Pagerank 27:08 Mobile - statistics 30:57 What happens to your data submitted to Core Data providers? 32:21 The business data eco system 35:02 How reviews impact local search. 38:05 Do your part to get the data cleaned up. How an audit can help 42:45 Searcher behavior; emulating a location 44:48 Bing and Yahoo 47:19 Templates, processes and protocol for maximizing SEO ranking 50:11 Markup language for enhancing the data set; keeping markup up to date. 51:46 Best practices for local retail; local page, brand page 53:38 Insights tab on your Google Places dashboard 54:48 Tracking results and ways to do it 55:43 What is the value of local? Case example 56:37 Image optimization - Tool available on Relevant Ads 57:16 Categorization - Tool for identifying top queries.