Faceless Mannequins Call Attention To Plight Of Homeless & Missing Youth

by Steve Hall

Bellefaire JCB Take a Closer Look at Youth Homelessness

#saveclekids www.saveclekids.org Are you a youth in need of help? Call 24/7 hotline at 216-570-8010. Read About the Campaign. Click "Show More" Take a closer look at youth homelessness! Our campaign seeks to inform and educate the public about the everyday life-or-death situations faced by homeless youth throughout Northeast Ohio while empowering them to help. "Somebodies," lifelike &visually striking faceless figures, have been placed all over Greater Cleveland, wearing messages sharing the reason behind their homelessness. By giving these youth a voice and calling attention to their issues - that these are not "bad kids," these are kids without any other options - we hope to spearhead the effort to end youth homelessness throughout Northeast Ohio and beyond!

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