The Truth about Google + for Business (and Content Marketing)

by Jay Baer
Social Infrastructure This week’s podcast guest, Martin Shervington, was scheduled a long time ago, but his appearance comes at a particularly appropriate time given the recent announcement about changes in Google+ leadership. The world’s foremost Google+ authority will give us his thoughts on the strangely unsubstantiated Techcrunch article that prematurely announces Google+’s ...Read the full article

Google Plus Posts and Photos - complete guide (updated)

This is the second video in a series of five covering just about everything you'll need to know. Check out for more information on Google+ for Business. Content in this video includes: 0:01 Introduction 0:27 Quick overview of what you see in your profile and what other people see. Settings to select which tabs are visible to others. 1:40 *Posts* Formatting. 2:03 Adding a photo 2:42 Adding multiple photos. 3:50 Hashtags. Adding. Removing. 4:32 Disabling/Enabling comments and/or reshares. 4:55 What happens when you click on the date? How do you know who is participating in a post? 5:32 Choosing who can see your post. 6:43 Adding links. 7:04 Example of a public post. Link. Embed. Activity stats. 8:24 Ripples. What are they? How do they work? (Only public posts) 9:52 Interactive links. Documents. Videos. 10:58 Creating an event 12:39 Finding events 13:39 Posting from YouTube through video comments area 15:16 Posting through the comments area of a website when Google+ comments have been integrated. 15:41 *Photos* Highlights 15:57 Take a tour 16:34 Photo options. Top menu after selecting a photo. Tagging. 18:15 Creating an album 18:45 Album properties. Who can see it? 19:24 Editing photos 21:05 AutoAwesome 21:38 AutoBackup 21:57 Search options 22:12 Closing

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