How to Get the Most Out of Leadpages [Tutorials]

by Ashley Faulkes
I have been using Leadpages for a while now and wanted to share some of the things I have learned. Although Leadpages is an extremely easy tool to use, some of the features take a little bit of work to learn. Editing and creating the pages is very intuitive and easy to do, but there are some side tasks like: connecting with WordPress (via a plugin) publishing to Faceboo ...Read the full article

Leadpages Tutorial: Simple Optin Squeeze Page Creation - Insanely Simple

In this Leadpagees Tutorial I will show you how to create a stylish optin page using Aweber (or any other email service). You can go check out Leadpages here - In just a few minutes we can customize and create a high converting optin or squeeze pages with zero tech skills. These pages are proven to be high converting and are used by many industry leaders in marketing and online sales.

Leadpages Tutorial: Integrate with your Wordpress Website

How to integrate Leadpages with Wordpress and easily publish optin or squeeze page, sales pages, webinar signup pages and much more. Learn more: Leadpages makes it very easy to create optimized pages for maximum converstion and easily integrates with Wordpress, Facebook or you standard website via HTML

Leadpages Tutorial: Facebook Page Integration

This Leadpages Tutorial will show you how you can integrate a Leadpage easily on your Facebook Page. There are a couple of specific templates you can use in Leadpages that integrate perfectly with your Facebook Page to get you both a large number of conversions and likes. This is great because not everyone on Facebook wants to signup to your website. Many prefer likes. Also, by integrating Leadpages into your Facebook page you can keep the costs of Facebook ads down, because it is often cheaper to get leads directly on Facebook.

Leadpages Tutorial: How to Use Lead Magnets to Deliver Your Giveaways

In this video I will show you how to use Lead Magnets in Lead Pages. Lead Magnets are a way of delivering giveaways or freebies to people who subscribe or optin to your list. But the benefits of Leadpages Lead Magnets are: They host the files for you (movies, mp3, pdfs etc), the deliver the content after someone signsup, you can change what is delivered easily, and you can deliver a variety of things to people even if they sign up to the same list.

How To Install a Wordpress Plugin

In this video you will learn how to install Wordpress Plugins. Wordpress allows you to easily extend the functionality of your website with plugins, but you need to know how. There are two main ways to install Wordpress Plugins. Either through the built in search in the plugins section, or via an upload. If you want to upload the plugin, you need to have it in a zip file already available. Once you have added or installed the plugin, you then need to activate the plugin to make it active on your website. If there are any problems with the plugin installation, you can deactivate it at any time.