Lessons from Three Big Business Failures

by Elli Bishop
Failure is full of lessons and, over the last decade, the demise of several once extraordinarily successful businesses are providing us with plenty of them. Disregarding the digital age, numerous companies that once dominated their respective markets are now defunct. We’ll explore the downfall of three; Blockbuster, Kodak and Borders.Read the full article

  • How Blockbuster Failed at Failing

    content.time.com - 17 readers - Yes, the movie-rental firm was doomed. But the ending could have been a lot better

  • Barriers to Change: The Real Reason Behind the Kodak Downfall

    forbes.com - 18 readers - Dr. John Kotter discusses the real reason behind the Kodak downfall: complacency. Read on to find out how Kodak let complacency take over, and how to avoid it in your organization. Dr. John Kotter established the 8-Step Process to Leading Change.