Don’t Bother Using Video on Your Landing Page Unless You’re Doing These 5 Things

“They each saw the success of Red Bull and Old Spice and thought to themselves, “Well, wouldn’t that be nice?” Source: Tale of Two Marketers. You might be making cool videos, but if you’re like the majority of marketers, your cool content may have fizzled out and collected some internet dust – all without getting any clear metrics on your ROI.Read the full article

A Tale of Two Marketers: The Importance of Video Optimization

As you've probably discovered, video marketing has a lot more to it than just uploading your videos and praying to the YouTube gods. You have to optimize your videos to realize real ROI. Watch our not-so-fictional story to see if you're a Post-and-Pray Pete or a Strategic Sue! Read about the real "Strategic Sue" in our case study:

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