Building The Hot Blog Tips Home Studio – Part One

by Brian D. Hawkins

You're Invited - The Hot Blog Tips VIP List! You're Invited - The Hot Blog Tips VIP List!

Building our home studio / home office - Video 1

This is just a quick and dirty preview of what will become the new Hot Blog Tips' home studio and office. I'll use the studio for blogging, videos, and podcasting.

Case Study: Project Studio Design & Build with Mitch Gallagher - Sweetwater Sound

Get Mitch's home studio design book, Acoustic Design for the Home Studio, at Sweetwater here: Mitch Gallagher sits down with David Stewart, Senior VP of Sales at Sweetwater, to discuss his latest home studio. Mitch explains the process of designing a studio, why he chose the equipment he did, and much more. Enjoy the video, then click the link above to learn more from Mitch about home studio design.

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