Instagram Tutorial – Getting Started With the Most Engaged Network of Our Time

Instagram is taking the lead when it comes to engagement on social networks. Just to be clear, I didn’t just make that up, it’s a statistical anomaly I learned about from Mark Schaefer in his post Why Instagram is Becoming The Dominant Social Network. Mark didn’t make it up either – it’s actually based on a presentation by Scott Galloway, Clinical Professor of Marketing from NYU.Read the full article

Instagram Tutorial Getting Started Using Instagram Instagram is the fastest growing visual social network on the web. Access Instagram from your SmartPhone or mobile device and use some desktop applications to help build your following on Instagram. Read the full blog post get the transcript and additional resources: Engage with me on Instagram My Hashtag #ileanegram Apps mentioned in the video Tags for Likes Iconosquare Repost NoCrop Add me to circles on Google+ Follow my Tweets

Instagram Tips | My Fav Apps to gain Insta Exposure on Instagram

For all the apps go to my blog Instagram Tips | My Fav Insta Apps to gain Insta Exposure on Instagram

DLD NYC 14 - Winners/Losers in a Digital Age (Scott Galloway)

In the digital economy new business models, platforms and brands rise over night while seemingly big industry names can suddenly be forgotten or evolve into something new. Scott Galloway of digital innovation think tank L2 calls it a winner-take-all ecosystem. In a data driven overview of Scott will give us his predictions on who's racing ahead and who might be left behind in this digital derby in the fields of social networking platforms, retail, brands and societal trends.