A Product-Based Approach to CRO

by Craig Bradford
Posted by CraigBradford Before joining the world of digital marketing, I was a product design engineer. Most of my clients at Distilled are now CRO projects and I've found my background to be surprisingly useful. There's a lot of overlap between designing physical products and designing websites that convert well.Read the full article

Mad Men - Lipstick

In order to come up with a new pitch for a lipstick company client, the women of Sterling Cooper are allowed to try a few of their products. Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) shows some creativity and individuality, while Joan (Christina Hendricks) gives Detective Cole Phelps (Aaron Staton) a raging clue. Sorry about the (lack of) quality and the shoddy editing, just wanted to get this up here because it's a fantastic scene and no one has it with the dialogue. All rights belong to AMC, Lionsgate, Matt Weiner, and anyone else I'm forgetting. No infringement was intended with this video. Support the creators by buying the DVDs/Blu-rays, because this show fucking rocks and they deserve it.