How to Create a Highly Visible Presence on Google+ – Adventures in Visibility with Stephan Hovnanian

by Denise Wakeman
After a rocky start with a major technical gremlin, in this episode of Adventures in Visibility, I talked with my colleague and friend, Stephan Hovnanian of Shovi Websites. Our topic of the day was how to create more visibility on Google+, not so coincidentally the title of Stephan’s latest ebook in his Google+ Pro Tips series.Read the full article

Adventures in Visibility | How to Create a Highly Visible Presence on Google+

*Adventures in Visibility | How to Create a Highly Visible Presence on Google+* [Link to original event page: ] In this episode I welcome +Stephan Hovnanian of WebSIGHTHangouts (and many other sites), to Adventures In Visibility to discuss how you can create a highly visible presence on Google+. Timestamp of video 0:15 HOA gremlins 1:04 Official start of HOA 1:53 Intro to Stephan Hovnanian 3:46 Introvert or Extrovert? 4:40 Just published new ebook on How to Get More Visibility on Google+ 5:02 What does Stephan mean by "Now You're a Television Channel"? 5:40 You have full control over how you present yourself 6:35 You have a responsibility to be worth tuning into 7:27 What posting strategies does Stephan recommend to maintain visibility? 8:54 If your goal is to have people share your posts, ask yourself "why" 9:19 You need to understand what you're trying to accomplish 10:09 If you want people to tune into your channel, you need to take yourself seriously 11:00 Stephan's take on sharing big images 15:18 Using comments to create your presence and visibility 16:13 How Hovercards work 17:24 Commenting is huge 17:41 When you're brand new, you need visibility, you need to let people know you exist 19:43 Question from Tina Cook 20:17 What is the benefit of being on Google+? 22:15 Google+ is still in an early adopter phase 22:56 What is influencer outreach? 25:05 Put influencers on a human level 25:54 Google+ is a real life platform 27:31 People are "sucking up" to new head of Google+ 28:20 Google+ is open and easy to connect with people 29:26 Top tip for bringing people from outside to your Google+ profile 32:39 Hangout events are a great way to bring people into Google+ 33:30 Your core group of people can help you get the word out. 33:43 34:46 Sheila Finklestein wins a copy of Stephan's ebook 36:25 Giving away 3 copies of Stephan's ebook 36:50 Shoutouts to Carol Dodsly, Mike Allton, Ben Fisher from Steady Demand 39:33 Winners of book: Captain Stan Walker, Nicki Pasquier, Richard Clarkson 41:37 What is Stephan's most memorable adventure? 41:46 122 pints of beer... 42:06 Stephan's favorite city 44:40 Next time on Adventures in Visibility, Laura Rubenstein of Social Buzz Club =========== Stephan Hovnanian owns Shovi Websites, a web design and marketing firm located outside Boston, Massachusetts. Stephan has always stressed the importance of strategy and intent when building and managing the web presences of his clients, and Google+ is no different. Stephan is a real-life example of a personal brand that uses Google+ for networking and marketing. His strategies have increased his web traffic and search ranking; opened up opportunities for speaking engagements and webinars; and brought in contributions to high-profile blogs such as MarketingProfs and 12 Most. On the Hangout we'll discuss: > Stephan's approach to creating visibility on and off Google+ > How to build out your Google+ channel > Tips and tactics for getting noticed on Google+ Stephan's social links: Twitter: (@stephanhov) Facebook: LinkedIn: Pinterest: Google+: Amazon: Google+ Business Spotlight: Blog: Shovi Websites: Please click "Going" to RSVP, +1 this event, share this event, and be sure to set a reminder to return to this page at the scheduled date and time. Click here to help promote the HOA on Twitter: Watch previous Adventures in Visibility here: If you'd like to get on the email list to get notified about future Adventure Hangouts and when video replays and show notes are posted, go to or reply below with a request to be added to my G+ Adventure Circle. #AiV #HOA #denisewakeman #stephanhovnanian #adventuresinbusiness #googleplus #AdventuresInVisibility