How to choose a website platform – the only guide you’ll need

by David Leonhardt
How to choose a website platform – the only guide you’ll need was written by David Leonhardt, THGM professional SEO consultant. Like choosing a suit, you have options when building a website. Do you go custom-tailored or off-the-rack? This is your guide to making that decision. There is a derisive expression in English called “off the rack”.Read the full article

How to Make a Business Website | COMPLETE Wordpress Tutorial to Create Your Own!

In this tutorial you'll learn how to make your own professional business website, using the ever popular WordPress, step by step! Use Hostgator Coupon Code: HOSTMOST25 Web agencies charge thousands of $$$$'s - but we teach you how to do it for next to nothing. Do you have Questions? Ask in the comments below, we'll be happy to help :) Please LIKE this video! #1 Subscribe: #2 Check Our Website for Updates: #3 Connect With Us: Quick Links 00:26 - Overview. 04:46 - Getting your .com domain. 10:24 - Getting web hosting. 15:57 - Initial website setup. 25:39 - Adding the awesome site design! 31:08 - Customizing the sidebar (adding map, facebook box, etc..) 48:40 - Adding the contact form. 53:57 - Adding content pages. 56:15 - Adding the awesome dropdown menu. 59:53 - Adding the 4 footer boxes. 1:02:18 - Adding the Social Media icon links. 1:05:55 - Adding the slider images. 1:10:03 - Creating a Logo. 1:14:38 - Optional design settings. 1:19:23 - The FINISHED Product! Hope we have been able to teach you how to create a website for your business, using WordPress! Contact us if you have any questions. And please LIKE our video!

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