Ten Tips for Making Your Hangout on Air Show a Success

by Denise Wakeman
The interest in developing a Hangout on Air show is increasing daily. I’m seeing books, articles and new shows appearing every week. And with good reason. Google+ Hangouts on Air are a game changer for small businesses and entrepreneurs. When you produce a successful show, it can be the fastest way to get seen, be heard, build trust and connect with your ideal audience.Read the full article

Midweek Zap - HOA Ready?

+Denise Wakeman social media advisor, walks through what it takes to integrate Hangouts On Air (HOA) into your strategy. 1:19 Why Denise limits her HOAs to twice a month - why you do it and the purpose 2:12 Have conversations with people I want to get to know 2:53 Create visibility 4:40 Make a commitment to a few months 5:57 Purpose, topic, format of show (panel, interview, one person) 7:11 Go watch HOAs first to get an idea of what you want 7:24 As an audience participant do all the things you want people to do for your show 7:56 Do a practice HOA that doesn't broadcast 10:36 Extensive process to enhance visibility 11:17 Create a header/banner image for branding 11:53 Create a YouTube custom thumbnail 16:58 Guest - bio, headshot, bullet points for show 17:23 Craft the description 18:17 Include calls to action in description 18:45 Include links for guest 20:42 Create images and quotes from the guest 21:40 Announce on other social networks 22:40 Use Canva.com 24:37 After the broadcast it's not over, it's just the beginning of promotion 25:00 YouTube video, insert into blog post, get content associated with you on your domain 25:25 examples: denisewakeman.com/hoa 25:34 picture of guest, the HOA video, PDF download of transcription, upload transcript as captions on the YouTube video, include notes, and links for the guest 26:14 Call to action to get on email list for upcoming HOAs 27:28 Strip audio and create a podcast for Soundcloud and also embed in the blog 28:15 a promotional tool as well as an educational tool 28:48 hire a transcriptionist to produce transcription of audio 30:25 video editing, download audio. keep in dropbox 33:45 Words of wisdom: give it a try, watch others, practice, produce, go for it *HOAs are not a slam dunk!* understand the three stages involved Pre Show During Show Post Show She will lead us through the process. Denise has the *expertise* to help you decide if HOAs are the right vehicle for you. Tagline Helping you boost your online visibility. Guaranteed. Introduction I am an Online Visibility Mentor, Founder of The Blog Squad, and Co-Founder of The Future of Ink. I have been using the Internet with great success as a marketing tool since 1996 and am an expert at helping authors, speakers, service professionals, and small business owners leverage blogs for their business, as well as strategically use social media tools to boost online visibility to get more traffic, leads, clients and opportunities. I write regularly on two marketing blogs, am a contributing author on SocialMediaExaminer.com, have co-authored several blogging programs and frequently speak at conferences and workshops about business blogging and how to gain expert status through social marketing to attract more traffic, more leads, more clients and more business opportunities.. I have been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, Newsday, Canada's National Post, FastCompany Online, as well as many other online and offline publications. Get your free gift: 3 Ways to Boost Your Visibility and Your Business with Google+ Bragging rights Contributing author to bestselling books: "Success Secrets of Social Media Marketing Superstars" and "Trust Your Heart: Transform Your Ideas to Income" She will lead us through the process. Host +Zara Altair helps online marketers new to Google+ get started on the right path to build their business using the tools Google already has in place. Visit her site: www.actationnow.com