How to Use +Post Ads from Google: What Marketers Need to Know

by Marcela De Vivo

Toyota reaches new customers with +Post ads and Google

Introducing +Post ads, a way for marketers to amplify their content and create conversations across the web. +Post ads let you turn your Google+ posts into engagement ads on the Google Display Network. People can join a Hangout On Air, add a comment, follow your brand, or give a +1, right from the ad. Please visit to learn more.

How to Format Posts on Google Plus to Maximize Shareability

If you share links, they may not be great, as Google Plus will grab any one of the images. 1. Experiment with sharing posts. Photos share in different sizes on different networks. Play around with different ways of sharing. 2. Tall and skinny does better than short and wide. Google plus wants it to be tall and skinny. Turn your camera sideways to take pictures adequately. Similar to Pinterest. Facebook is also moving in this direction. Tall and skinny posts is valuable for shareability. If you are creating images, make them tall and skinny! 3. Use your computer to take screenshares, then adjust the size. If you have an image that's wide, print screen to make it tall and skinny, then share it on plus, and you'll get much better reach because it LOOKS BETTER on plus. 4. Look through your stream, and see what you find appealing. People are using very quickly - they won't click on everything - if the images are too small, they will just disregard. Make font sizes bold, large, and simple. Make your memes and images great for READABILITY. 5. Sentences do very well, and quotes do great. People want to glance, reshare or plus one, and they keep moving. 6. Infographics: Cut and splice. Grab the headline, and share bits and pieces. Cut tall and skinny sections so they jump out to the users. 7. People just want the quick quote or number, they don't want to consume heavy data. 8. Pro tip: get great charting software, make great charts, and share regularly - this will do great!

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