Testify, Part II: How to Get Credible Customer Testimonials

by Joel Klettke
If you struggle to get testimonials or the ones you’re getting are wimpy, this is for you. In my last post, I revealed the “how” and “where” behind using testimonials on your website to boost conversions and give your business some serious street cred. But what if the problem you’re facing is even getting testimonials in the first place? I’m going to lay out a system you can u ...Read the full article

Hilarious patient testimonial

Check out this hilarious video of a dental patient of Dr. Michael Rosenfeld! It's so much fun for us to get to know our patients and enjoy our time together. Thank you for being such a great sport! To learn more about Dr. Michael Rosenfeld and his team, please visit: http://www.drmichaelrosenfeld.net