6 Ways the Pros Use Google+ to Drive Conversions

by Tia Kelly
Building relationships on Google+ can help drive conversions – if done right. Image by Tom Fishburne . Marketers, I feel you. Social networks are growing, but it only feels harder to reach who we need to. On Facebook, brands have to wait until a fan interacts with their page or sends them a message before the conversation can really begin.Read the full article

Host Google Hangouts Like a Boss | Content Warfare TV

*Nervous About Hosting Your Own Google Hangout on Air?* _Everything you need to know host killer Hangouts on Air._ The best decision I've ever made for my personal brand was to begin recording the Content Warfare Podcast _(audio only)_ as a live Google Hangout on Air. _Is recording live, with an audience, on video, a heck of a lot more nerve racking than a prerecorded audio only show?_ Yes. _Does it make the experience 100x more Gangster (valuable) for Content Warfare Nation?_ Absolutely. That's why I asked +Jason T. Wiser and +Mia Voss two of the *ABSOLUTE BEST* Google Hangouts on Air hosts rocking the Interweb to join us and share their secrets on creating amazing Hangouts. Seriously, this show is going to be ridiculously valuable to anyone with a Hangout show or currently considering starting one. Come early and ask questions often. *Share this event with friends on Twitter:* http://ctt.ec/rM9J0 If you want to do some homework, find more on our guests here: Jason Wiser - On Track Tips: http://ontracktips.com/ Mia Voss - The Mia Connect: http://themiaconnect.com/ ============== If you can't make the live episode, don't miss the replay: Youtube Subscribe link: http://goo.gl/My8UpZ iTunes subscribe link: http://goo.gl/o6u9G6 Stitcher subscribe link: http://goo.gl/HAoxVR #googlehangouts #googlehangoutsonair #hangoutsonair

How to Manage Multiple Social Networks - Peg Fitzpatrick

*How to Manage Multiple Networks* http://jtw.bz/PegBlog Read full show notes or Listen to Podcast - http://ontracktips.com/manage-multiple-networks-peg-fitzpatrick/ You have your business strategy, you've defined your product, now it's time for marketing. Last interview we spoke to Ronnie Bincer about video for marketing, this week were going to look at Social Media Marketing. There are hundreds of article that start with "11 ways to improve your [fill in the blank] marketing" where [blank] is Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and so on. But, "which networks are best for your business?" and "Will you be able to manage more than one?" That's why we've invited Social Media Marketing Expert Peg Fitzpatrick to the program this week. And Peg's going to help us understand which questions we need to be asking ourselves even before we get started with social media. Of course if you're listening to this video, you are already on social media. So the next question is, "How's it working for you?" is your social media strategy meeting your marketing goals? If yes, this is not the interview for you. But if your not reaching your goals, maybe it's time to step back, reassess, and go back to the planning board and start over. Peg will answer questions like: http://jtw.bz/PegBlog ⇒ Which Network is best for my business and why? ⇒ How many networks do I need to be on? ⇒ How many networks are too many? ⇒ Which tools can I use to manage multiple networks? Do you want a reminder about upcoming Expert Interviews? http://jtw.bz/OTTnews Special Thanks to Peg Fitzpatrick from http://pegfitzpatrick.com find her on G+ - https://plus.google.com/u/0/+PegFitzpatrick ===================================================================== Be sure to subscribe to YouTube http://bit.ly/u2beWS We will also be chatting on Twitter using the hashtag #OnTrackTips and Facebook App http://jtw.bz/FBonTrack ===================================================================== Most importantly, please share this with 2 friends and invite them to http://ontracktips.com so they can also learn from the experts.

Google+ Business Spotlight - Laurie Laizure (Customized Walls)

*Google+ Business Spotlight - Season 3 Premiere!* New home (http://gplusspotlight.com), new Google+ Page (+GPLUSSPOTLIGHT) and one very exciting guest to kick off our third season of Google+ Business Spotlight, where we learn how real businesses are using Google+ in their marketing. This week, +Stephan Hovnanian and +Ben Fisher welcome +Laurie Laizure, owner of Customized Walls, and the Interior Design Community on Google+. Laurie has a very established presence, not only here on G+, but also across social media, so we are thrilled to learn how she's grown a community of non-social-media people to over 15,000 members, and built a platform that has brought her real-world success for her business. Care to spread the word about this week's show? Use the hashtag #gplusspotlight _(To opt into or out of our invite circle please let us know in the comments, thank you!)_ #googleplus #googleplusbusiness #hangoutsonair