How Facebook (and luck) helped one dude drink a beer with Richard Branson

by John Mcdermott
When is a beer more than just a brew? When it’s quaffed in the company of your childhood hero. Just ask young entrepreneur Justin “Bugsy” Sailor, 31, who just this week fulfilled a four-year mission to drink a bud with his idol, Sir Richard Branson. “It was the best beer I’d had in awhile,” Sailor told Digiday. It was no doubt made all the tastier for the epic journey it took.Read the full article

Lyon Street 500-foot water slide

Grand Rapids, Michigan | Aug. 21, 2010 | Aaron Aupperlee

TEDxDetroit 2011 - Rob Bliss - The Art of Large-Scale Community Engagement

Rob Bliss is a 22 year old creative event organizer from Grand Rapids. He has created the world's largest pillow fight and zombie walk, launched 100,000 paper airplanes onto a crowd of 30,000 people, built a 500 ft. inflatable water slide in the middle of downtown and created the world's largest LipDub video. Learn more about Rob at TEDxDetroit Detroit and Michigan are home to talented creators, artists, entrepreneurs, designers, geeks, poets, scientists, thinkers and doers. We gather together every year at TEDxDetroit to collaborate, to share fresh ideas and to find inspiration. Learn more at