Dueling Smartwatches: Google, Apple, Microsoft Have Designs On Your Wrist

by Greg Sterling
People have been anticipating an Apple smartwatch for what seems like a very long time now. However it's unlikely, at tomorrow's WWDC keynote in San Francisco, that one will be revealed. Financial analysts say to expect an Apple iWatch debut in Q3 this year. Apple's rivals, by comparison are busy bringing their wrist computers to market.Read the full article

  • A Microsoft Smartwatch Is Coming

    forbes.com - 18 readers, 100 Tweets - The software giant has been developing a cross-platform gadget that continuously measures heart rate, Forbes has learned. Initially gunning for fitness enthusiasts, the watch could see Microsoft make a bigger play for healthcare further down the line.

  • A sexy Moto 360-like HTC smartwatch is reportedly coming soon

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