4 Types of Video Marketing That Will Increase Your Site Conversions

There’s a strange double standard going on in online marketing. Have you noticed? There are all these great resources about how to write great copy. And yet, when is the last time that you read a sales page that really stuck in your memory? Now, compare that to first video that comes to mind when I ask you to tell me about the best marketing video you’ve ever seen.Read the full article

Crazy Egg Explainer Video

Crazy Egg is the heat map tool that shows why your visitors aren't converting. This video was hand-created with care by the folks at Demo Duck (http://www.demoduck.com).

Bertucci's | Behind the Menu: Flavored Oil

Today we're going to show you how to make the flavored dipping oil that we serve with our legendary Bertucci's rolls. Impress your friends! See more at http://sharebertuccis.com.

Simple A/B Testing for Everyone!

http://InstaPage.com - Testing your landing pages is the most important part of any successful landing page strategy. Doing so will allow you to drastically improve the amount of conversions you receive. InstaPage makes this easier then ever before and I'm going to show you how.