Five Things That PR Agencies Need to Future-Proof

To succeed in our digital age, PR agencies must keep up to date regarding emerging market trends. That is often easier said than done since many of us have only just wrapped our heads around the nuances of social media. However, now is not the time for excuses. It's the time for action. Here are five things PR agencies need to future-proof—and the reasons why they will ...Read the full article

  • Kellogg Creates Totes Amazeballs Cereal in Response to Single Tweet - Totes Amazeballs might seem like an un-Kellogg-like name for a breakfast cereal. But the company has created it anyway over in the U.K., following a Twitter request from Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess. Explains Burgess: "I heard someone use the expression Totes Amazeballs, and it sounded like something from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.