Why Your Unique Value Proposition is Killing Your Landing Page Conversions and How to Fix It

Your unique selling proposition needs to stand out on your landing page if you want to convert visitors. Image by blatera. Did you know studies have shown that you have less than 10 seconds to convince visitors to stay on your landing page? If they don’t feel that their needs are addressed, they will be gone. Go ahead and count 10 seconds. It’s really that quick.Read the full article

  • 4 Steps To Building A Compelling Value Proposition

    forbes.com - 25 readers, 2 Tweets - (In my first article here on Forbes, I suggested how entrepreneurs might get started. Once you’ve found a worthy opportunity, building a compelling value proposition is often a great next step.) As an entrepreneur turned venture capitalist, I enjoy collaborating with innovators on their planned ventures and helping them explore their [...]