Does Content Curation Make Marketing Suck? | #83 Content Warfare TV

by Ryan Hanley
Subscribe on iTunes and never miss a new episode! Pre-order your copy of the Content Warfare Book and learn how to find your audience, tell your story and win the battle for attention online. Does Content Curation Make Your Marketing Suck? This question that is answered in the EPIC verbal battle between Dino Dogan and Ralph M. Rivera on this week’s episode of Content Warfare TV.Read the full article

Does Content Curation Make Your Marketing Suck? [Verbal Battle] | Content Warfare TV

Does Content Curation Make Your Marketing Suck? This question will be answered in an EPIC verbal battle between +Dino Dogan and +Ralph M. Rivera to the figurative death. If you haven't read it yet, Ralph posted an article title, *In Which I Discuss Why Content Curation for Marketing Sucks*, read it here: Dino does not agree. Dino does not agree so vehemently that he decided to publicly call Ralph out on Facebok. It's funny, find it here: The gauntlet was thrown and to our luck, they've decided to broadcast their verbal battle over the importance of *Content Curation* here on Content Warfare TV for our viewing pleasure. For many on Google+ content curation is a HUGE part of their brand building strategy... I can't wait for this episode. Get more from Ralph at +Web.Search.Social and here: Get more from Dino at and ======= If you can't make the live event but don't want to miss this great content subscribe to the replay and/or podcast below: Youtube Subscribe link: iTunes subscribe link: Stitcher subscribe link: #contentcuration #contentmarketing #contentwarfare