How Chobani failed with the #howmatters hashtag

by Curtis Silver
You know that queasy feeling you get when you look at a yogurt in the back of the fridge with an expiration that pre-dates the previous World Cup? That’s precisely the feeling many consumers are feeling right now for Chobani, one of leading yogurt brands. After experiencing their first ever recall last year, the brand, which is normally quite clever in its social media approac ...Read the full article

  • Chobani yogurt recall: Company apologizes to customers, promises refunds - 15 readers - But Chobani still remains silent on what type of mold contaminated the yogurt, how it became tainted, how many people are affected and where the yogurt was sold, though a spokeswoman said the company fixed the problem.

  • Evaporated Cane Juice: Sugar In Disguise? - 16 readers, 3 Tweets - Some food companies are using the term "evaporated cane juice" on their ingredients list instead of sugar. But the Food and Drug Administration says the term can mislead consumers into thinking it's not sugar, and has advised companies not to use it.

  • Chobani Gets Sued in a Case That Hinges on a Tweet - 12 readers, 162 Tweets - Chobani and its agency Droga5 are being sued by inspirational author Dov Seidman, who is claiming the yogurt infringed on his trademark while lifting core concepts from his 2011 book, "How: Why How We Do Anything Means Everything." Seidman, also the CEO of business consultancy LRN, alleges that the defendants illegally employed his trad