Five interesting companies from Russia's Skolkovo Startup Village

by David Moth
At the Skolkovo Startup Village near Moscow last week entrepreneurs competed for the chance to win 900,000 rubles to help expand their fledgling companies and set them on their way to fame and fortune. Startups pitched ideas on a range of topics including healthcare, the environment, energy, communications, retail and consumer products.Read the full article

Dressformer 3D Virtual Fitting Room

DRESSFORMER's groundbreaking 3D fitting technology changes the landscape of online shopping & fashion buying! It is B2B/B2C platform technology allowing the user to virtually try on clothing and shoes pre-purchase and make confident purchases knowing the clothes will fit almost perfectly. It helps users to answer the questions about the size, match and social approval.

Примеряем мебель в Fingo | Try on furniture in Fingo App

"Примерка" мебели в мобильном приложении Fingo. We try on furniture in Fingo App Скачать бесплатно в App Store | Download free: iPhone -, iPad -

RoadAR drive test 04/2014

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