London’s Boris Bikes go extreme in #JoinTheFight stunt campaign

by Ricardo Bilton
Stunt cyclists are using London’s Boris Bikes for the their latest marketing stunt — literally. The bikes, which officially go by the more clunky “Barclays Cycle Hire,” have quickly become a major part of the city’s landscape since their introduction in 2010. Affectionately nicknamed for London mayor Boris Johnson, they make for an attractive centerpiece for a new video that f ...Read the full article

FightMe - Trial Bikers & Freerunners around London #LOVETOPLAY

Watch top trials riders and free runners on the streets of London with collaborative social video network FightMe A platform for creative expression. Download the FightMe iPhone app for free, named in 2014 as one of Best New Apps in the App Store. #LOVETOPLAY DISCLAIMER: NO BORIS BIKES WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO Do NOT attempt to recreate the stunts seen in this video. All stunts are performed by skilled professionals and should not be emulated. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREDITS Trials riders: Andrei Burton & Joe Seddon Freerunners: Tim Shieff & Blue Artist : Peter Gergalloer Produced by: 11 little films & Visevie productions SONG Body talk - rude ( main mix )

Citi Bike BMX

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