Beer Brand Invites Fans To Experience Exotic Locales With GPS Imprinted Bottle Caps

by Steve Hall

Discover Pacifico - Santa Maria Bay

22.9330 N, 109.8091 W. Some Baja fishermen don't get their catch using a rod and reel. They prefer a snorkel and spear. And just up the coast from Santa María Bay, there are several great spots to master the art of Hawaiian sling fishing. See more at Artist: Alfred Hall Song: "Something Beautiful"

Discover Pacifico - El Arco Sand Falls

22.8758 N, 109.8946 W. One of Baja's most beautiful spots is a place very few people have ever seen. Around 90 feet below El Arco, there's a natural phenomenon local divers have dubbed the Sand Falls. See more at

Discover Pacifico - Cabo Pulmo

23.4376 N, 109.4269 W. At first glance, the waters off Cabo Pulmo look quiet and uncrowded. But below the surface, the Sea of Cortez is filled with some of the most unbelievable sea life in the world. See more at

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