Events Are the Ultimate WoM Machine

by Geoff Livingston
While I am often known in my small echo chamber as a blogger, my best online moments have come from events, from BlogPotomac and Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington to the Emergency Social Data Summit and of course, Demand Success. I don’t think that’s a coincidence… Events are about the people who attend them, and their experience. They build relationships, learn, and hopefully have fun.Read the full article

Geoff Livingston, Now Is Gone Author, at BlogPotomac

Liana "Li" Evans interviews co-chair of the Blog Potomac event, and author of Now Is Gone, Geoff Livingston. In this interview Geoff explains what inspired him to start Blog Potomac as well as what interested readers will find in his book Now Is Gone. For a great insight into the principles of social media, make sure you check out Now Is Gone, today! Full video transcript at