Handicapping Andrew Sullivan’s bet on video ads

by Lucia Moses
A little over a year after spinning off The Daily Dish as a subscription-based site, Andrew Sullivan is realizing he can’t live on reader revenue alone. In a surprising about-face, he announced plans to start selling video ads. But there’s a twist: Sullivan said the ads will, after a few visits, include a come-on to subscribe.Read the full article

  • Andrew Sullivan Plans A New Tactic To Persuade Readers To Subscribe

    blogs.wsj.com - 6 readers, 6 Tweets - "We're not there yet, but the idea is to add a video ad for non-subscribers which will prompt them, after a few visits, either to watch an ad or subscribe to never see an ad again," Mr. Sullivan said.

  • Sports Illustrated Is Testing a New Type of Paywall

    adweek.com - 3 readers - Sports Illustrated is testing a paywall that lets readers access its print articles early if they watch a 30-second video ad first. The provider is Selectable Media, which has been testing consumers’ willingness to watch video ads for free WiFi, music and games. This is its first public test with a major consumer magazine.

  • Salon: Pay Up or Get a Sponsor

    clickz.com - 5 readers - The struggling content site requires readers to either take out a subscription or earn day passes by viewing advertisements.

  • Memories of a paywall pioneer

    theguardian.com - 2 readers - Scott Rosenberg, former managing editor of US website Salon.com, on the effects of its 2001 paywall experiment