How To Increase the CTR of Videos in Email Using Animated GIFS [Creators Tip #146]

by Carla Marshall

How To Increase the Click-Through Rate of Videos in Email [Creators Tip #146]

Email marketing campaigns often include videos to help drive sales and conversions, but not as an embedded video because most email clients don't support video. Instead, the standard solution is to include an image or thumbnail of the video in the email and link it to the actual video online. This works well, but here's an idea for how to increase the click-through rate your videos get inside your email campaigns simply by converting a clip of your video to an animated GIF image and including that in your email instead of the still image. Use Online Convert here: VISIT FOR TONS MORE VIDEO NEWS & TIPS SUBSCRIBE FOR OTHER VIDEO TIPS AND NEWS! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL LIST! LET'S CONNECT! Google+ ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Linkedin ► ReelSEO ►

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