Should You Be On Snapchat?

by John Danenbarger
Top brands are starting to experiment to build a close and direct relationship with their markets. News that Facebook had offered $3 billion for Snapchat caused eyebrows to rise last winter, and mouths to drop. If few people could understand what had prompted Mark Zuckerberg to offer such a massive sum for a company with no revenues and no clear business model, even fewer could ...Read the full article

  • Facebook Tried To Buy Snapchat For $3B In Cash. Here's Why. - 2 readers - How seriously is Facebook taking the issue of declining engagement among its teenage users? So seriously, it was willing to drop $3 billion in cash to stop the bleeding. That's how much Mark Zuckerberg recently offered the founders of Snapchat to purchase their photo-sharing app, according to The Wall Street Journal. They said no.