Earn While You Learn With The Digital Experts Academy

by Gordon Robinson

Digital Experts Academy Gold Event 3 Day Digital Marketing Workshop

Digital Experts Academy Gold Event 3 Day Digital Marketing Workshop http://mydigitalexpertsacademyreview.com/digital-experts-academy-gold-event I recently had the pleasure of attending the inaugural Digital Experts Academy Gold Event. The event was help just outside London and was lead superbly by Digital Experts Academy founders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. The ultimate objective of the GOLD Membership is to learn how to earn a full-time income as a digital marketer. In order to accomplish this goal the DEA uses its reach and influence to bring in some of the best Digital Marketing experts in the world. I was not disappointed! Digital Experts Academy Gold Event is an exclusive 3-day intensive Digital Marketing Workshop for Digital Experts Academy Gold Members only. Digital Experts Academy Gold Events are held multiple times a year in various locations around the world in a workshop type setting. Attendance to these events is limited in order to keep them as interactive, intimate, and impactful as possible. Digital Experts Academy Gold Event To attend one of the worldwide DEA Gold Events you need to become a Digital Experts Academy Gold Member. As well as having access to the 3-day intensive DEA Gold Event Digital Marketing Workshop you will also have access to weekly, Digital Marketing Mastermind training which teaches you every aspect of digital marketing.

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