How to Avoid a Tech Support Scam!

by Carolyn Nicander Mohr

Fake Microsoft Support Call

Follow me on Twitter: 1) Female tries to social engineer me by showing what she first calls errors and then spyware, viruses when in fact there is absolutely nothing wrong with my system. 2) Male takes over as "Senior Management" to move on with the recommended solution, a remote assistance session with a technician. He gets me to download TeamViewer and asks for the credentials so that another person can assist me. 3) Another male the "Microsoft Support Technician" is effectively now logged into my computer and opens up my browser and instructs me to enter my personal information (including banking information) to make a PayPal payment of $299. Once I reach the Credit Card payment process, I attempt to enter data knowing that it will be rejected (wrong banking details). As soon as the Support Technician sees that, he promptly takes over the computer and deletes the entire content of the My Documents folder. Finally, he reaches back with a "bye asshole" message within TeamViewer before removing my computer's network driver which effectively kills my Internet connection. The other male on the phone assures me that the technician is always correct... but then he must have been alerted that this was going nowhere, at which point he hangs up the phone. This is not only a scam to extort money but also a criminal act by destroying my personal data simply because they felt they wasted their time. I can only imagine how a real victim with a real computer would feel if that happened to them.

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