The 7 Things I Discovered About Going Viral From Eating $150 Salad Dressing (#5 Will Blow Your Mind)

by Derek Halpern
What makes things go viral? Here’s a hint: Forget overblown headlines, babies biting fingers, and animal videos. The truth will either astound or aggravate you. Why? Because you’ll see that there’s no secret or gimmick. Instead, there are 7 things that guarantee it… …and I reveal them all in today’s video. The best part? I rediscovered each of them after I ate $150 salad dressing.Read the full article

The 7 Things I Discovered About Going Viral From Eating $150 Salad Dressing (#5 Will Surprise You).

"Going viral" is a phrase that's thrown around a lot on the web. There are tips, tricks and tactics - some work, some don't. And if you're trying to get ahead in business, I bet you have a tough time sifting through what will work and what won't. In this video, I share 7 psychologically-proven insights on what makes people want to talk about and share anything. So if you're looking to spread your message, your content, your products and services, or anything - be sure to watch this video. After you watch this video, I've got a couple questions for you - What was your biggest takeaway from this video? Which tip for getting people to spread the word are you most excited to use? Leave a comment here and let me know: Also, if you're looking for more videos on marketing, psychology, entrepreneurship, and more, then subscribe to my YouTube channel right here: To get even MORE great free content, exclusive tips, and updates I don't share with just anyone, then be sure to sign up for the Social Triggers mailing list here: